I’ve decided to write every day publicly. My posts might be short and mostly based on my thoughts rather than research but I hope I’ll be able to be consistent and keep publishing new stuff daily. I’m also well aware that for a long while I’ll be writing mostly for myself because no one will read this but I hope that after some time I will find a way to connect with other people and hopefully have a few readers.

I’ve decided to write because of a few reasons:

  • Connect to other people that may be interested in the same topics I’m interested in: developing and selling software. I hope I can find others whom I’ll be able to learn from and share ideas with.

  • I would like to improve my writing skills. I think that being able to communicate well in writing is an important skill for a software developer and even more important for online sales and marketing.

  • Writing organizes thoughts and creates new ideas. Writing something down can clarify a thought and suggest a new point of view.

At this point I prefer quantity over quality. I’d like to publish something every day even if I’m not 100% proud of what I wrote. As long as I keep writing. I know that in any case I’ll have to write for a while until I get better at it and until others will be interested in what I have to say so I might as well write as much as I can to get there faster.