There is an endless stream of information and advice on HN and everywhere online. Landing page optimization, a/b testing, adword campaign management, SEO, affiliate marketing, content marketing, email lists marketing. It seems as if everyone started from scratch and got to million users per month and now they teach the secret trick, only you can’t execute. I used to jump from one method to the other imagining a quick and smart way I can find that will get me users and revenue, I just need to find it.

Start building a product, stop to build a landing page, read about landing pages, but how will I get users to my landing page? Start learning about adwords, read a blog post about someone that made a thousand dollars in an hour using facebook ads. But why would I spend money on ads when I don’t even have a product to sell yet? Go back to building the product, but why work on a product when I just read on /r/marketing about someone that makes $3k a month from instagram accounts? Or maybe what I really need is to hire developers on odesk so I could focus on marketing?

I would spend hours this way, not getting anything done. Spending my free time after work and getting nowhere. Writing strategies, coming up with ideas, jumping from one thing to the next. Until I realized that I don’t really do what I enjoy and I don’t produce anything worthwhile. I’m a programmer and I like programming, not optimizing ads. It is better to focus on one or two skills and focus all of your efforts on one task until you get results. It’s hard and it requires time and repetition but it works. It’s the only thing that worked for me. The less things I try to do, the more I focus, the more I achieve.

This advice is everywhere, I just seemed to ignore it. All the people I admire focused on one skill and perfected it while doing a good enough job with marketing that enabled them to profit from their main skill. Sure you may be leaving money on the table, but at least you make money and do what you love. So become an expert, not a wantrepreneur that always tries to optimize and monitor non existent traffic. Put something out there, focus on one way to get users and repeat it again and again. Ignore the information overload of the internet.

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