Every day I visit a number of blogs and news sites. When I have free time during the day or when I’m waiting for the train or at a line, I take out my phone and check news, read blog posts and articles. When I want to take a short break at work I check these websites again and again. Sometimes I catch myself checking the same website after a few minutes hoping there is something new to read. All these time periods add up to a significant time I spend every day on entertainment I’m not really entertained by. It’s more a result of a bad habit than my conscious choice. I don’t like that I consume so much and I would like to spend this time on producing something. I think a better use of this time would be to answer someone’s question on a forum or write a post for my blog.

I’ve read an idea in a book to notice how many actionable advice do you get from every blog or tutorial you read. And I think most of the articles and blog posts I read don’t contribute that much to me as a book would or as writing something would. Therefore starting today I’m going to go on a low information diet. I’m going to cut down what I read and consume online and use the time for something more beneficial like reading a book, participating in a forum or writing a blog post.