I started this blog in February this year and had different ideas about what kind of blog I want to have. I had ideas about coming up with topics to write about, getting readers, etc. Since then I wrote a total of 15 posts and in the past few days I did some thinking about what I like about blogging and what I don’t like and would like to avoid.

What I’m not interested in is doing any form of research or coming up with topics based on the interest they might generate. I’m ok with writing for a long while without having any readers which is how every blog is in the beginning. I would like the time that I allocate for this blog to be only spent on writing and nothing else.

What I’m interested in is being able to write and publish consistently and do it a lot. This is the most challenging part, for me at least. To set time aside every day to write, to come up with an idea and to be able to put my thoughts into words in a literate way.

That’s why I decided to publish a post every day. The topic doesn’t matter much, it can be thoughts I have about software and entrepreneurship like I initially planned for this blog, and it can also be personal experiences I had. Whatever comes to my mind when I sit down to write. The length of the posts will vary since I won’t have time to write every day, but I hope to find the time to write at least a few words every single day to keep the streak alive.