Lately I’ve been thinking about focusing my writing on a smaller range of topics or even start writing only technical posts on my other blog and stop writing here. I’ve came up with a list of the types of blog posts I can/want to write and tried to think which ones I should focus on.

I’ll have more to contribute if I’ll write about technical stuff. These are also the type of posts that people are interested in and can generate more traffic from google. My other blog which has only technical posts about programming generates much more traffic than this blog, even though I worked for maybe around five hours total on all the posts there, while spending much more time blogging here.

On the other hand, when I started this blog, traffic was not my main goal, I just wanted to practice writing and make it a habit to write daily.

I also don’t have a problem publishing technical blog posts under my name. I think that if I’ll spend the time writing technical posts it would be an easier way to get an audience and create opportunities. Overall it will be a better value return for the time spent. I had a chance to meet a popular technical blogger and ask him few questions. He said that his blog (which is very popular) doesn’t generate income for him but it does create many other opportunities such as speaking engagements and work offers and it’s probably a good way to meet like minded people.

One of the reasons I wanted to get into blogging was because I wanted to understand content marketing better. I’ve come to realize that content marketing is usually built around tutorials and practical advice and not around opinions and observations. I think that by writing technical posts I’ll be able to learn more about blogging and writing for an audience than if I keep writing the kind of posts I write on this blog.

Opinion / Advice / Observations / (which are the most common type of posts on this blog) usually gain interest when written by people with a large following. If I’ll keep writing these kind of posts, I should accept that it will not be a blog with readers. I think I wrote this kind of posts just because it’s the first thing that came to my head and they are the easiest to write. I often write these posts to figure out myself what my opinion is. While this is a nice exercise, it’s not practical to acquire readers this way.