One of the results of writing my thoughts every day is that I noticed how much I think about being focused. I think it’s because focusing on a single task until it’s completed was always an issue for me. I like to jump around and start new things. As the novelty wears off, I move to the next thing. I also see how many other people do it. I believe that having the ability to stay focused on a single task until it’s completed is one of the biggest challenges and important habits to acquire. What makes it hard is finding the balance between being focused on a single goal and between isolating yourself from criticism and working on the wrong things.

I have a few rules for myself that I’m trying to follow:

  • I choose carefully what my goals are and what I commit to work on. This way I can feel safer that I’m focusing on the right stuff which also gives me peace of mind while working. I know that a decision has been made already based on the information I had and that from now on, I can focus on execution without worrying.

  • I only focus on a single major goal at a time - I always have a lot of different ideas about how to spend my time and goals I want to accomplish. I think I tend to underestimate how much time and effort they require. Every time I try to work on more than one big thing simultaneously, I end up doing suboptimal work on both of them. When I focus only on one thing, I tend to do a better job. I think the main reason for that is that I have a full time job and only have a very limited time each day to work on my projects. Being limited with time means that focus becomes the difference between completing something and not accomplishing anything at all. I think when I’ll have more hours to work, I’ll be able to spread out to a bit more multitasking but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum either way.

  • When I work, I try to never multi task - I’ve noticed that even in the short term, switching between different things I’m working on makes my brain too tired and inefficient.

  • I go after the low hanging fruits first - I look for the things that are easy to accomplish fast. Working for a long time without seeing results is very frustrating for me. I avoid this frustration by splitting the work I do to small chunks of work that each produce some kind of result I can later look at and see that I accomplished something that works.