There is a lot of idle time during the day. During the commute, waiting in line at the store or waiting for someone. I didn’t realize how much time it is until I began trying to consciously notice what I do with it.

Sometimes during this idle time I think about software I’m working on. I think about the problem and the different ways I can try to solve it. In some cases I even make a decision about what the best solution is and when I get home I start working on it right away. When talking to a friend last week, he told me that he does the same thing. On idle time he actively thinks about the code he is going to write and plans how to do it.

When I don’t think about coding, I try to read a book. I have the kindle app on my phone with my books loaded on it and I chose a phone that have a screen big enough to read from. I was surprised with how much I am able to read during this off time. While it doesn’t seem like much to read here and there, it quickly adds up and I finish the book.

I also have around an hour of idle time when going running. I tried to listen to a podcast or to an audio book but it never worked for me. When I run I like to clear my head and just think about anything that comes up. Listening to other people talk was tiring and I enjoyed the run much less. It also made the run harder.