Online marketplaces are great for starting out to make money online. From the Apple app store to the various plugin sites, a marketplace can make it easier for you to get started for the following reasons:

  • These places are built around the “long tail” concept. They want a lot of different products in their marketplace to succeed. That’s why they will promote all products to some extent in their search engine and in the recommendation sections. For you it means a flow of new customers from the very first day and that you can focus on what you’re making and get help from the marketplace with the marketing aspect. One less thing to worry about when you are busy building your product.

  • Established marketplaces usually have users who already made purchases on the marketplace before and have their payment information already entered in. It means that they are more likely to make a purchase again and they already trust that the transaction will be safe and secure because the marketplace handles it. It is easier to convince someone to buy your product on the marketplace than it would be otherwise when it’s a first time customer.

  • When a lot of users use your product and you get positive reviews, the marketplace will promote you even more. It shortens the time it takes you to build a good reputation.

  • There is no downside. If your product succeeds, you can always expand to new markets and grow out of the marketplace where you started.