I used to think that when you take on a new challenge and you get stuck because you’re not sure what you are doing and how things work, it is better to stop and take the time to figure out everything. I now realize I was wrong. This way of thinking leads to slow progress, if at all.

The better option is to keep going and improvise as you go, while at the same time try to make sense of how things work. This advice doesn’t apply if you are a heart surgeon, but it does to many other aspects of life. Being truly good at something requires experience and experience only comes from doing. On top of that, when combining experience with theory, you can become better at what you do - but if you focus on theory only, you will most likely not get the results you want.

So when stuck on something, it’s better to keep going even if you’re not sure what you’re doing, and try your best to adjust as you go. When you try to do your best while actively thinking how to improve, you will be able to put everything you learn into context much better.