Blogs I like usually have a story around them that gives each post a context. I want to have the same for the blog I’m planning to focus on in 2016. Yesterday I came up with an outline for a blog which came out around three pages. After I wrote this outline I’ve decided to make part of it into an e-book. I will write this e-book and in parallel blog posts of about 1k words each. The free blog posts that I will publish will try to attract readers and the ones that will want to get an in-depth summary will be able to purchase the e-book. I expect this outline to keep me more focused around a specific subject and plan ahead better.

I’ve always been thinking about how beneficial it is to set a financial goal for my business. At the end of the day, the income from a business is what will sustain it and what will determine if it can live or die. I think I should take my own advice and make an attempt to start a blog with the goal of monetizing it. I love writing and want to do it more so it only makes sense to try to do it in a way I can also make a living from. This way I’ll be able to spend more time doing it and will be forced to write better and market better.