Yesterday I was thinking about the process that turns random blog visitors into followers that come back for new posts.

Bloggers with many readers don’t only post content only on their blog. They also write content on shared platforms that attract potential readers to check out their writing and potentially convert them into followers.

Especially new writers that are interested in getting more readers, will have a hard time to do so if they only write content for their blog and don’t try to publish it to places where an audience with similar interests may be exposed to it.

The most popular methods to attract readers are:

  1. Twitter - they key is to publish not only links to the content you wrote, but to also link to similar and relevant content created by others. I think that people tend to follow such aggregators of content more than someone who just publishes their own posts. Also some people might follow you who are not necessarily interested in your content right away but since they will trust you with links to other articles, they will also visit the ones you post of yourself.

  2. Communities - there are many sites that aggregate links to communities who share similar interests. The key is to find these communities (if you don’t already follow them yourself), understand what the popular topics are, and then publish articles that are relevant to both the content on your blog and to the communities you are publishing to.