What makes a random blog visitor to become a reader that comes back to read more? This is a question I’m actually asking myself, what attracts readers to a blog and what makes them read other posts and come back later for new posts?

This post is what I can come up with as an answer.

The main thing is that the blog has to provide some value to the reader. It’s not about the author of the blog at first. It’s about the reader first. The reader comes to get something out of the blog. To either learn something or for some sort of entertainment. I’m more interested in the teaching aspect.

Then there is some sort of a connection with the author. The good blogs are personalized and authentic. Besides teaching, they also show vulnerability and the readers can relate to them.

Blogs are opinionated. Readers come for an opinion. I think the good ones have clear opinions and a story. The opinions don’t have to be popular of course but it can’t work without one. The story if the blog is the context for the single post they just read.

I think the story should be clear and consistent. With a clear story it’s easy for the reader to relate to the blog and understand what it’s about and quickly decide if there is an interest to read more.

To break it down, readers go to read their favorite news site or follow their favorite twitter account. They see a link to a post they might be interested in. It has keywords in the title they can relate to and they believe they can learn something from the post they are about to visit. Then, if the post is good and they feel they like they learned something from it, they try to find out who wrote it and what the blog is about. If they see the other posts are interesting as well they will be interested to subscribe to it and will keep coming back.

Blogs are slowly pulling readers in with more and more content. First, only a title, then only one post, then the story of the blog and the other posts. If the readers like each layer they discover, the will be interested to get more.