How I used to write

I used to start many drafts but never finish any blog posts. I hated to publish stuff and I hated to go back to drafts I already started. So I ended up with drafts of unfinished ideas written as incoherent sentences. Every once in a while I just deleted all of them. Obviously writing this way was no fun so I didn’t do it much.

How I write now

To resolve this unproductive way of writing I chose to do the other extreme for a while. There are no drafts anymore. I write for a few minutes each morning and publish whatever I wrote as soon as I’m done. Uncomfortable at first but with time it became a habit I don’t think about. And it only takes a few minutes each day so I don’t have an excuse to not do it.

The problem of course is that the posts are short and usually only discuss what I had in mind that morning when I wrote them. I don’t really put much thought into them and their scope is limited.

How I would like to write

I hope to find a balance between the two extremes. Publish a post twice a week but spend some time every day to improve it and think more about it. Use drafts but write in a coherent way so I won’t have to rewrite and edit a lot at the end.