About a month ago I wrote about my mini media addiction. For the first few days after writing it I made an experiment and stopped reading everything. After a while I came up with a more balanced method. Now I check twitter, blogs and all the news websites only twice a day and do it in a batch. I read everything I want in these two windows and then don’t check anything else for the rest of the day.

In the first few days it was annoying because I felt I’m missing out on important and interesting things. Pretty fast I realized that every time I go online there is not much new. Part of the content is what I’ve already seen and another part of it is not interesting. The amount of content I actually interested in is smaller than I thought. Also, after a few days I didn’t miss it at all. I just got used to it.

Some conclusions:

  1. I was surprised how hard it was in the beginning to stop myself from going to some website when I got stuck with something when writing code. I’ve noticed how many times I stopped myself from doing it and I wonder how I got any work done before that.
  2. My mornings became much more efficient. Instead of getting “updated” I now try to do something useful. I think the morning is the most productive time for me and it sucks to waste it.
  3. My productivity improved somewhat. All these small breaks were a big distraction.

I’m curious is it just me? Or does everyone secretly spend their life aimlessly browsing online?