I’ve been wanting to write consistently for a few years now but started to push myself to do it only about a year ago. Some of the books and blogs I like are so well written and interesting that it made me want to be able to do the same. I also see how writing makes it possible to influence and connect with a lot of people and create new opportunities.

I’ve been thinking about the bloggers I like to read and the ones that influenced my desire to write the most. I’m especially interested to see what all of them have in common.

An obvious thing they share is that they are extremely open about what they do. The openness comes in a variety of ways - ranging from personal life and ideas that other people would never share to their business performance. It’s easy to see how sharing these details puts them at some sort of risk or disadvantage but they do it anyway. They are very honest and transparent and never pretend to be someone they are not. On the other hand their success stories are authentic and they attribute the success to hard work. None of the blogs I like are about magic bullets or quick hacks.

All of them teach something. They break subjects into easier pieces and show how one can achieve the things they achieved. Their monetization strategy is books. The goal is to have readers that like the blog and want to have a summary of the discussed topics or just want to dive in to more details about specific topics buy the book. The books are rarely promoted. Actually they are never promoted, just mentioned when they are relevant. I think a lot of readers buy the books not only for the content but also to support a writer they like who they can identify with.

It happened several times that writers I like changed what they write about and stopped being transparent and share information that would possibly make them vulnerable and it made me lose interest in their blogs. Which makes me think about what has a bigger impact on making a blog interesting, the writers ability to communicate well what they mean or their openness about the subject.