About a month and a half ago I’ve decided to dedicate a few minutes every morning to write and publish a blog post. I kept it up for a few days. Every morning, before work and before I start doing anything else online (so I won’t get distracted), I opened my text editor and wrote a short post. After a few days I started to feel that I’m not happy with the quality of the posts. I thought maybe it would be better to not publish something every day but rather work on the same post for a few days and only publish it when it’s ready. I also thought about changes I want to make for my blog, improve the layout and use something else than the generic template I’m using, improve SEO, start using images in my posts, and maybe try to promote my blog online. The general feeling was that I can do a lot of easy improvements and that I’m not doing a good enough job.

At that point, I stopped writing completely. I had so much ideas and plans that it started taking away time and shifting focus from my main work with my side projects. My original plan was to just write for a few minutes every day which is maintainable. However, once I start devoting more time to it than a few minutes, I have to stop doing it and re-focus on the other, more important stuff.

The reason I want to keep writing, even though I can only devote a few minutes to it each day, is to develop my writing muscle and make it a daily habit. Then one day I will hopefully be able to spend more than a few minutes a day and do a better job. I read somewhere that when you are trying to form a habit and you have a bad day in which you don’t want to do anything, it is better to do a bad job than to do nothing at all. This way you at least don’t break the chain. From my experience I think it’s a very good advice and I’m going to apply this to my blog. When I don’t have enough time or I just don’t feel like writing or I’m not happy with what I wrote, I’ll try to publish it anyway.