Most new projects are doomed to fail. I think the most common reason is not lack of ability but lack of focus. Below are a few things that I constantly need to remind myself about. They are somewhat counter intuitive and they are probably not a popular topic on your reading list. You will more likely to encounter advice on how to do more things rather than how to stop doing something.

Don’t over optimize. Your app doesn’t need to be perfect or have all the features you think you need. You don’t need to use the newest framework and you don’t need to worry about scaling just yet. Don’t spend your time thinking about dealing with massive traffic and optimizing for edge cases if you’re not even sure that you’ll have users at all. You also don’t need A/B testing or anything else that tries to draw a conclusion from a tiny sample. Focus all your efforts on growth on a single channel and don’t try to do too many things at once. It’s much harder to work on one method until you see actual results, but that’s what works. It’s easier to open many social network accounts and put up adwords only to abandon all of them later.