I’ve read multiple times the advice to “write the way you speak” and I try to follow it. I think writing should be concise and to the point. This way you can never run out of topics to write about or have a writers block. Same way you can’t run out of topics to talk about or you can’t have a speaking block where you know what you want to say but you don’t know what to say.

I prefer to choose the topics to write about based on what I care about. Anything that interests me at the moment of writing goes. Doesn’t matter what I think others will think about it. I think it’s important to keep writing based on your preferences and not based on what you think others want to read. Once you start writing for others instead of for yourself, the process becomes different because you have to keep guessing what would be the right thing to say. Writing freely, on the other hand, is surprisingly satisfying and easy. When you just let thoughts flow and write down everything you think about, it’s no longer a daily chore to write, but a daily way of self expression.

After all, to become a writer with a following requires a long time of writing without any, or with very little, number of readers. If you don’t write for yourself and grade yourself only based on readership numbers and the response to your writing, you will not last long.